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Precautions When Installing A Roof Top Tent

May. 03, 2018

There are two requirements for roof racks when installing roof top tents. They can be roughly classified into two types: 1. Vehicles have separate longitudinal rails; 2. Vehicles are equipped with load-bearing crossbars.

Precautions when installing roof top tents:

1. the luggage rack can be load-bearing, dynamic load capacity exceeds the weight of the tent itself,

2. The distance between the luggage rack and the baggage rack should not exceed 1.1m, and the thickness should not exceed 2.5cm. If more than a long screw is needed, the clearance between the roof and the rack should be more than 3cm.

3. With integral longitudinal rails, no rack mounting points, common roof, crossbar racks need to be installed, the crossbars on the tent floor also need to be replaced with 1.38m long

If you have self-equipped racks, you need to pay attention;

1. The dynamic load capacity of the self-aligning crossbar, it must reach a dynamic load capacity of 75KG or more.

2. The distance from the root bar is about 70CM-90CM, and the general situation is not more than 1.1M. Generally, it can be adjusted automatically.

3. The thickness of the bar rack shall not exceed 2.5 cm and exceed 2.5 cm. Long screws may be used. The gap between the roof and the rack shall be greater than 3 cm.

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