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The installation method of car side awning

Nov. 15, 2019

Car Roof Tents Manufacturer said Installation method of car side awning:


1. Level the support beam fixed on the wall and floor door, and then place the lower beam on the support beam, adjust the levelness deviation to be no more than 2 / 1000, and make the distance between the end face of the guide rail at both ends and the safety gear seat consistent, and then stabilize it. For elevators with a running speed of more than 1 m / s, progressive safety gear shall be applied to basically adjust the gap between the wedge of safety gear and the side of track. The gap between wedge and side of guide rail is generally 2.3-2.5mm,


2. Connect the straight beam with the lower beam, then place a line hammer as the benchmark, adjust the verticality of the straight beam and the beam, so that the verticality deviation of the straight beam on the whole height is not more than 1.5mm, and there is no distortion.


3. Lift the upper beam and connect it with the straight beam, and adjust the levelness with the level gauge. The levelness deviation of upper beam shall not be greater than 2 / 1000. After the levelness of the upper beam is adjusted, the verticality of the straight beam shall be rechecked again.


4. Install the upper and lower guide shoes of the car, fill the gap between the guide rail and guide shoes with plug pieces, and fix the car frame. Install the car safety gear and guide shoe to fix the car frame

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5. Place the car fixed chassis on the lower beam, pad it with four sets of skids and correct it. The levelness deviation of its plane shall not exceed 2 / 1000. For the freight elevator, the fixed car bottom shall be used. First, the car bottom shall be placed on the lower beam, and its position shall be adjusted to make it uniform. Then, the car diagonal pull rod shall be installed, and the pull rod nut shall be adjusted so that the levelness deviation of the bottom plate is not more than 2 / 1000. After meeting the requirements, tighten the nuts. For the gap between the car bottom and the lower beam, the corresponding plug shall be used to pad it firmly, and then the nuts shall be tightened. If the movable car platform structure is adopted, the car platform bracket shall be installed first, and after the position is evenly distributed, the damping rubber pad shall be placed, and the car platform shall be placed on the damping rubber pad of the bracket, and the car pull rod shall be adjusted so that the levelness deviation of the car platform does not exceed 2 / 1000. In addition, appropriate gasket shall be placed between four damping rubber pads and car bottom and other spaces according to the specific situation, and finally fastened with bolts. In addition, the jacking screw when the car bottom sinks to the lowest point shall be installed on the car bottom bracket.


6. The assembly sequence of car wall is to assemble the car wall first, then the side wall, and finally the front wall. The car wall shall be installed in accordance with the specification, and its verticality deviation shall not be greater than 1 / 1000, and flatness deviation shall be less than 1mm. In addition to the front and rear, left and right dimensions, special attention shall be paid to the assembly between the car wall and the car wall without a fixed bolt, so as to reduce the noise between the car wall and the car wall during the operation of the elevator

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