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How to compete with strong winds when setting up tents outdoors?

Dec. 06, 2019

Outdoor camping is not sleeping, tents can give you a relatively comfortable "home". But the biggest enemy of this "home" is the gale. Even if it is hiking in the suburbs, it may suddenly come and pose a fatal threat to the tent.

Therefore, camping tent suppliers share some tips for setting up tents in strong winds, stabilizing tents, and collecting tents in high winds, and do our best to defend our outdoor "home".

1. How to set up a tent in a strong wind?

During the mountaineering, if there is a continuous strong wind in the mountains, especially the situation of concurrent temperature loss, dark and lost roads, etc., it is necessary to camp immediately. Mountain friends have no choice but to set up tents in the wind. This difficulty is directly proportional to the magnitude of the wind. The situation is worse.

However, whether it is "internal account construction" or "external account construction" design, there are corresponding skills. "Internal account construction" refers to the connection of the account pole to the internal account, and then the outer account is set outside; "Outer account construction" refers to the connection of the rod and the external account, which is at the outermost layer, also known as "exoskeleton tent" .

Inflatable Tent

Before building, make sure that nothing will be blown away. Many mountain friends are used to putting the tent's outer tent, inner tent, steps, tent poles, nails, etc. in a storage bag. Shake away, but if you do this in a strong wind, it is likely to be scraped away.

So you'd better complete the above actions in your backpack, or use heavy weights, and you should also collect the ground stud bags, pole bags, and other light and fluttering objects. It is especially important to put the ground studs in the carry pocket so that you can always do it next time. Access.

The part with a small force surface is facing the wind—When setting up a camping tent in a camp where there is no wind, mountain friends do not need to consider the wind direction, but when there is wind, you are better to let the part with a small force surface to face the wind, such as the tail of the tunnel account. This will not only improve wind resistance, but also make it easier for you to cook in the foyer located in the downwind direction.

Fixing at any time-When setting up a tent during high winds, you must nail the ground at any time. For the "internal account building" type tent, the operation method is:

Stand in the upwind direction, unfold with the wind, and fix the four corners with ground pins in order; Expand the inner account, put the two webbing loops at the end of the inner account on the ground pegs that have just been pierced, and insert the account post into the buckle at the end of the account; Go to the head of the internal account and repeat the previous action; Finally, take the family canvas tent and fix it with wind ropes and ground nails.

The point, internal account, and external account of most “outside account building” tents are connected, and can be operated as follows:

Hang the wind rope on the back of the tent on the belt of the backpack and fasten it, or fasten it to a solid object such as a stone, and fix it once; Fix the ends of the account with ground nails; Unfasten the wind rope at the back of the tent from the backpack belt and fix it with ground nails; Rod; Pull the wind rope at the entrance hall, pull up the tent and fix it with ground nails.

These are the tips for setting up a tent in a strong wind.

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