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What should we pay attention to when camping in the wild?

Aug. 07, 2019

What should we pay attention to when camping in the wild? What should I bring besides the tent?

Quick Camping Tent Manufacturer shares that there are a lot of things to pay attention to camping, including weather conditions, camping site selection, wind direction, solar terms, tent building skills, field precautions you can find relevant knowledge on the Internet... In a word, need to pay attention to a lot of outdoor camping in addition to tents such as rain and wind protection equipment, to sleep comfortably must be waterproof pad and sleeping bag, if it is the first time to go camping or with the old bird, what happens outside the old bird can help solve the experience, and can learn a lot.

Show you the details of tent fabric:

Outdoor travel in the tent is an essential tool, can not only wind and rain, but also can live, the Roof Top Tent Supplier Beijing Playdo Outdoor tent is very convenient to carry. Many outdoor travelers are fond of our tents, today with you to understand in detail how tents choose fabrics, we quickly look at it.

Canvas Tipi Tent

Canvas Tipi Tent

Beijing Playdo Outdoor tent can be divided into waterproof tent, civilian tent, and military tent. The technical index of waterproof tent fabric is subject to the degree of waterproof, it is calculated by how many mm of water column per square centimeter. General Roof Top Tents China are above 1500mm water column to prevent rain, can prevent heavy rain; Some reach 3,000-4,000mm, which can prevent continuous rainstorm; The civilian tents are made of Oxford cloth, which is waterproof, hard, colorfast and non-deformed. The warp thread of this fabric USES 200D nylon air-changed yarn, and the weft thread USES 160D nylon air-changed yarn as raw material. It is plain weave structure, the product is woven by water spray, it is comfortable to use, convenient and durable, sun protection, heat insulation, heat preservation, anti - rainstorm performance is good. Military tents are made of a thicker cotton or linen material. Mostly plain weave, and a small amount of twill weave, warp and weft yarn with multiple strands. Military tents have good waterproof performance, but also can resist the wind 8 and 10cm of snow; Sun protection, heat insulation, heat preservation, anti - rainstorm performance. It can not only be applied to military training, exercises, disaster relief, but also is a good choice for construction, its wind and rain resistance and other performance to improve the safety of users, for the construction personnel to provide a safe house.

Above is the author's summary of the knowledge of tent fabrics, if you have other questions please read other articles on this site.

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