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How is the Tent Set Up?

Feb. 14, 2020

The tedious construction of tents comes to mind at the mention of tents. Generally, opening camping tents need to be set up or free of construction.

First look at the steps needed to set up camping tent china:

1. Floor covering:

First find a flat ground, the direction should be set to the smallest wind-resistant area to face the wind direction to build; in order to isolate moisture and protect the tent, the ground is covered with waterproof cloth

2, shop account:

With the bottom facing down, place the door in the direction you want to go in and out;

3. Wear the skeleton:

Usually tents have 2 long, 1 short, and 3 folding camp pillar skeletons. Firstly, two long camp pillars are straightened and penetrated into the diagonal of the internal account. The diagonal of the internal account has openings for the skeleton to pass through.

Remember that the skeleton must pass through the pull ring directly above the middle, the main purpose of which is to support the external account to make the front and rear doors open and upright.

4. Support the internal account:

Two people stand diagonally, stepping on the corner of the inner tent while supporting a long skeleton and inserting the bolt into the skeleton, and then making another diagonal.

This step requires a little effort and don't be afraid to break the skeleton. Basically the skeleton is very strong.

After the completion of the shape of the tent came out, and then do not forget to hook the hooks to the skeleton.

5. Take the external account:

Insert the floor mat into the lower part of the inner tent and start to set up the outer tent. Lay the outer tent, hook the four corners to hook the pull ring of the inner tent pin, support the short skeleton on the front and rear doors, and fix the diagonal Devil felt with long skeleton.

Before laying the account, you can open the top windows on both sides of the account, and the ventilation effect will be better, but it is not suitable to do it because of wind and rain.

6, nail camp nail:

Four corners * 4, bottoms on both sides * 2, front and rear doors * 2 are nailed with camp nails to fix the tent. In order to ensure that the tent will not be blown away by the wind and noise, the inner and outer tents are separated to ensure that the inner tent is dry and not wet. It is recommended not to be lazy, and nail all the camp nails.

7, pull the camp rope:

There is a pull ring in the middle of the four-sided skeleton of the external account and in the middle of the two sides, which can be tied to the camp nails fixed to the tree or the ground;

Only when the strong wind hits can the camping rope be pulled to ensure that the tent will not collapse, and all the camping ropes are pulled up, making the internal account more difficult to stick, and the internal account will be less tide. The camp rope has a regulator to adjust the length of the rope.

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