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Inflatable Tents-a Better Choice for Camping

Mar. 09, 2020

The beauty of camping is to look at the stars to blink, listen to the breeze coming, watch the fireflies flutter, how beautiful the scenery is, it is difficult to be intoxicated. The summer season is coming, many people like this time, about three or five confidants to camp outdoors and get close to nature.

Although camping is attractive, if you are new to camping, it is very important to choose a tent while paying attention to safety!

The trees are densely shaded, and the streams are gushing. Feel the rays of sunlight through the leaves, breathe free and fresh air, and listen to the natural music unique to the forest.

Soft sand is stepping on the sandy beach, looking at the sea and sky, the breeze blowing, soothing and pleasant. In the morning, admire "The tide of the Chunjiang River is connected to the sea level, and the tide of the sea is bright in the morning." In the evening, feel "the sunset and the solitary fly together, and the autumn water is the same.

What you need for such a beautiful day is a multifunctional tent. Ordinary tents have been unable to meet our growing needs. For this reason, people have invented a variety of advantages such as moisture resistance, UV resistance, convenient molding, light material, small size after dismantling, and easy to carry.

Compared to inflatable camping tent:

The brackets of ordinary tents are mostly metal, too light will affect the quality, and too heavy will bring a burden on transportation. Due to the existence of the pipe support, it cannot be freely packed. Generally, the volume is large, and certain transportation requirements are required, which places a burden on tourists for recreation and camping. When assembling or disassembling a common tent, you need to have assembly-related knowledge, especially the connection of the skeleton and the matching of various accessories. Sometimes more assembly staff is needed, which is time consuming and laborious. For large exhibitions, the tent difficulty factor is doubled.

The camping tent supplier believes that the support of the inflatable tent is inflatable, which is not only lightweight, but also can be folded, and transportation requirements are not high. Assembly and disassembly are relatively simple, which can save more manpower and time. It can be freely packed, transportation is convenient, and airdrop can be performed at any time.

Inflatable Camping Tent

Inflatable Camping Tent

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has designed a completely transparent bubble tent, which contains a lot of necessary furniture and facilities. The transparent design can make people feel extremely close to nature without worrying about wind and rain. There is also a privacy-protection function, the inside cannot be seen from the outside of the tent. Such a transparent inflatable tent gives you the feeling of a mysterious castle placed in nature.

Many uses of inflatable tents, such as: large and small exhibitions, wedding banquets, camping, leisure travel, temporary clubs, military, etc. (Technology is for a more convenient life. As long as you dare to imagine, maybe the next creation is yours.

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