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Inflatable Tents have Been Set Up in Italy in Response to the Outbreak

Mar. 16, 2020

As of March 16, local time, a total of 24,747 new coronary pneumonia cases have been confirmed in Italy, and 1,809 have died. Italian police have blocked many northern cities and towns, setting them as "red zones". Residents do not reach the city, and offenders face three months in prison or a fine of 206 euros.

Lombardy and Veneto are the “hardest hit areas” in Italy, with more than 60% of the country's confirmed cases coming from these two regions. These two places are very important for Italy, because their economic output accounts for almost one-third of the country's total, especially the Lombardy region, known as the "locomotive" of the European economy.

The European Commission warned on February 26 that Italy was already on the brink of a cliff. "Italy's large public debt makes investors very sensitive to perceived risks." On February 28, a number of hospitals in Lombardy, Italy sent out a message asking for help. In the face of a surge in patient numbers, hospital beds and equipment were urgent. If emergency measures are not taken, the medical system will be in chaos, and ordinary patients in hospitals will also be exposed to the high risk of infection with the new crown virus.

In order to cope with a large number of patients, many regions, including Rome, have begun to build temporary inflatable tents outside the hospital to facilitate triage, diagnosis and isolation. According to Roman media reports, due to the large number of patients rushing to the hospital, causing emergency beds, the Lazio region of Italy began to build temporary inflatable tents in front of hospitals in various places. On February 26, the first tent area was set up near the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome, with an area of about 700 square meters. Such temporary tent areas will be set up near 31 hospitals in the near future to divert patients.

Rome was not built in one day, but Italy's "Vulcan Mountain" was built overnight! From Rome to Padova, from Florence to Milan, inflatable camping tent china has sprung up into hospitals around the country, becoming mobile hospitals dedicated to treating suspected infections. This is exactly the epidemic prevention measures promoted by Spallanzani of the Rome Institute of Infectious Diseases, aimed at timely isolating suspicious patients, preventing cross infection, and expanding the scope of screening and observation. In this way, suspicious patients will go directly to the tent for examination; if confirmed, they will be taken to the infectious disease ward according to a specific isolation route without contacting other departments in the hospital.

Inflatable Camping Tent China

Inflatable Camping Tent China

It is precisely because the Institute of Infectious Diseases found in the previous lessons that a large number of infections occurred in the hospital and the rate of transmission was faster, and it was immediately taken action to make full use of the existing conditions of the hospital for detailed management. At the same time, the medical staff's equipment has also been upgraded from playing every family to a fully armed serious version. On the night of February 24, dozens of civil defense personnel set up a huge tent next to the emergency room of Santo Stefano Hospital in Prato.

China's epidemic resistance has achieved great success thanks to the efforts of the people across the country. Of course, this is the effort of everyone, especially front-line personnel! In the past two days, Wuhan's new additions have also dropped to single digits, which is as strong as the new crown virus and afraid of everyone's heart. For the inflatable camping tent manufacturer, the battle has just begun, and overseas is now in an outbreak. It needs Chinese material support and Chinese experience!

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