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What Are the Materials of the Tent Bracket?

Mar. 25, 2020

Camping tent china is composed of many parts. Everyone knows that the tent support is the most important part of the tent. The tent support is mainly used to support the tent. So what is the strongest tent stand material? Next, Camping tents manufacturer will introduce the tent stand for you. Tent brackets usually have a length of 625px to 1125px, a diameter of 7mm to 12mm, and a hole in the middle. Multi-section tent poles are connected by a set of elastic ropes. Tent supports are mainly divided into two types of materials: aluminum alloy rods and fiberglass rods. At present, tent supports on the market are mainly based on these two materials.

Fiberglass (FRP) bracket

This type of bracket is mostly used for low- and medium-grade tents. FRP is a polymer of glass fiber and polymer resin. It is light, strong, and formable. The performance of the account pole depends on the texture and diameter of the glass fiber reinforced plastic itself. The larger the diameter, the higher the strength, and of course the larger the weight. Windproof of glass fiber reinforced plastic tents-in grades 5 to 6, glass fiber reinforced plastic tents with 3 or more sets of brackets can withstand winds of grades 6 to 7, or even gusts of 8 under good support.

When the bearing capacity is exceeded, the glass fiber reinforced plastic support will break. The on-site treatment method is to stick it with tape (it can be entangled with a thin wooden bar to increase strength), and the broken account pole needs to be replaced afterwards.

Camping Tent China

Aluminum bracket

This type of bracket is used for high-end tents. The most common aluminum pole is Korean aluminum pole, which uses t6 series aluminum. -The aluminum alloy rod is eastont9 aluminum rod. Easton is an American metallurgical expert. Through repeated research on aluminum alloys, 7000 series aluminum materials have been produced, which is lighter than ordinary aluminum materials, and has increased strength and flexibility. eurekak2 account is 7075 aluminum rod, holiday, jws, ld8082 are Korean aluminum rods. The wind resistance of a tent is not only related to the texture diameter of the tent pole, but also to the number of tent poles. Generally speaking, the more the number of tent poles, the better the windproof performance. Such as two sets of ordinary aluminum pole tents can withstand strong winds around 7-8. The windproof capability of the three sets of aluminum poles is about level 9.

Tents using 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in a snowstorm environment around level 11. (Note that the windproof performance of the tent is relative, and it is related to the support method, geographical environment, wind direction, snow, and the user's outdoor experience. The windproof level given here is only a reference value provided based on daily use experience.) . Generally, aluminum rods are equipped with fracture joints, which can be used for breakage and repaired directly.

Relatively speaking, aluminum rods are lighter in weight, have better resilience, sufficient support, durability, and easy to repair. Aluminum brackets are not easily affected even at low temperatures, but aluminum brackets are more expensive.

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